Monday, March 9, 2009

Superluminal Field Details, Part II

The aliens figure you probably thought of this idea already. But implementation without their help is impossible. So here is the big secret to interstellar travel. There is an FTL highway system that you don’t know exists. The gateways are hidden inside our sun and around the suns of other rim world systems. There are also intergalactic highway systems that are built within the dark matter distribution network. There are alien races that have been traveling among the stars since before life sprang up on the earth.

You’re superluminal ellipsoid shield will have to be operating properly to avoid being incinerated when you enter the sun’s corona. You will also have to be traveling at about .05c. When passing into the sun’s corona, some travelers open up a narrow band of visible light to watch the sun as they approach. This joke is old now; but usually, if you have FTL newbie’s along, they will be watching nervously as they rapidly approach the sun. Someone is supposed to scream, “Oh, crap! The computer crashed!!!” or “Why isn’t this stupid shell working!!!” After billions of years of FTL travel, somehow, the joke is still funny.

But it won’t be funny for long if you don’t know the password. When you enter the sun’s corona (or where ever they put the gate), you have to find it and then transmit a password into the superluminal shell. The effect of the intense heat acts like noise at the Planck scale. When you do this correctly, you enter the gate area and emit the password, all while traveling at 15,000 Km/sec along a zone of about 2 km in length. That gives you about 133 milliseconds to either open the gate and enter hyperspace, or get the hell out of there before your ellipsoid shell starts to act funny. You hope that the gate orientation provides a path tangent along the sun’s surface. Sometimes, the gate will rotate, and the exiting end is facing the sun’s core. You have to report this to the Gate Keepers so they can fix it. But if you don’t have the right password and the gate’s exit is oriented towards the sun’s core, here’s what happens.

High thermal energy causes lots of noise on the elliptical shell which can randomize some of the quantum bits, effectively smearing out some of their signalling to the adjacent space-time. This causes the superluminal space-time thickness to narrow to zero. Then, if you haven’t gotten out of the sun by then, you have a choice. The sun’s diameter is 1.4 million kilometers. If you can quickly reconfigure the shell to convert thermal energy into velocity, the temperature is only 6000K at the surface. Towards the center, it’s about a million degrees. Wait a minute, why would they put a jump gate inside of the sun? The greys are looking at each other and saying something about it being a bad neighborhood. I’m not sure I get what they’re saying. One of them just said they call it the Ronald Reagan Solar Gate (

The aliens are saying that someday, when humanity evolves out of its barbaric, hateful and paranoid disposition, the Gate Keepers will consider changing the solar gate’s name and moving it into an orbit around the sun. They also express great confidence that this will happen before the sun uses up all of its hydrogen fuel and expands into a Red Giant in about 5 billion years ( That gives us plenty of time to practice being nice to each other.

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