Saturday, March 7, 2009

Superluminal Field Details, Part I

The superluminal field generator creates a very thin ellipsoidal shell around the space craft. From afar, the shell can glow in various soft colors, which are remarkable to view; other times, the ship will seem to vanish entirely. But the physics that is occurring on the surface of the shell is truly astonishing. The shell acts like a modulated quantum bit hologram that tells the external physical universe that it doesn’t exist. The computer is transmitting information, data bits, that are modulated into quantum bits; these quantum bits are potential energies that vary in time all over the surface of the ellipse; and have a resolution of a Fermi area; if you understand what this means, your jaw will drop. The quantum bits are also updated very quickly, as often as every millionth of a picosecond. These potential energies are disrupting the emergent space time.

Space-time is an emergent property of Schwarzschild spheres that are stacked in 8 dimensional energy-space (which is not any kind of a space-time). The radius of a Schwarzschild sphere is about a Planck length or 10-35 m. In Solid State physics, which describes crystals and metals, there are conduction bands along which electrons and phonons can flow in their own 3 space. These conduction bands are an emergent property of crystals and metals the way space time is an emergent property of stacked Schwarzschild spheres. These spheres themselves contribute to the particle-antiparticle formation and annihilation. In a way, it’s like our universe is a NaCl or GaAs crystal. The Greys (the aliens) mumbled something about universe clusters of different kinds of spheres, but they won’t explain.

Anyway, the changing potential energies at the surface of the ellipse can disrupt the normal behavior of the Schwarzschild spheres ( Then, two things happen. First, space-time is caused to not exist ( Then, on another layer, the Schwarzschild spheres are forced to exibit superluminal behavior in the following ways. First, the potential energy threshold for particle/antiparticle creation is raised to unreachable levels (particle creation becomes impossible). Second, the speed of light between two sliding surfaces beomes infinite or at least a very high multiple of c. Third, the photons between the two sliding superluminal surfaces undergo a bosonic transformation. Photons, which normally regulate electromagnetism, are forced to behave as translational ballbearings within the superluminal sliding sheets. Consequently, Maxwell’s equations breakdown. The Greys refer to these photons as cyclonic photons because they act like tornado fields of angular momentum. When the elipsoidal shell is stable, and the starship is ready to travel, massive amounts of kinetic energy are dumped into the superluminal field. This energy manifests as increaing rotation of the cyclonic photons. This cyclonic rotation gives your craft a velocity (in the right direction if you did it right) that is independent of the mass enclosed by the superluminal field.

When energy is put into the superluminal field (ellipsoidal shell), the angular momentums are modulated into the field, it starts to push against the regular undamped space-time (say goodbye to half your energy lost as cosmic rays). Since the velocity of light is no longer a constant across this inertial reference frame, like it normally is, then relativity doesn’t operate here. Action/reaction forces still do. The superluminal shell imparts momentum into the undamped space-time; which, in turn, kicks back equal and opposite momentum. But the reaction momentum is going into the superluminal space-time region. KE = ½ mv2 but relativity is inoperative. If your space ship weight 2000 metric tons and you need to cross a light year in one day; then,

  • your superluminal velocity is v = c*(365 days/1 day) = 365c = 1.1x1011 m/s.
  • Your kinetic energy KE = ½ mv2 = ½ (2x106Kg)(1.1x1011 m/s)2 = 1.21x1028 Joules.
  • If you want to reach this speed quickly, within ten minutes, then your power consumption is (1.21x1028 Joules / 600 seconds) = 2x1025 watts or 2x1016 gigawatts.
  • Your acceleration is equal to the change in velocity versus change in time which equals (365c/600 seconds) = 1.8x108 m/s2 = 18 million times the acceleration of gravity (potentially causing uncomfortable whiplash).

Congratulations!!! You’re a black hole tidal wave moving very quickly through hyperspace. So, you’re wondering why 18 million g’s doesn’t crush your starship. It’s because these extreme tidal forces are only occurring inside the thickness of the superluminal shell. With respect to the shell, the spaceship and its field generator are at rest. I’m sure your wondering what happens if you hit something like a meteorite or a planet. Well remember, the superluminal shell is preventing regular space-time from manifesting. You effectively pass through objects external to the shell. You are literally travelling in hyperspace.

If we treat the ellipse like a sphere of Radius R = 50 meters and a thickness of 1 meter, then the volume of the shell is 4/3πR3 – 4/3 π(R-1)3 = 31x103 m3 = 31x109 cm3.
· The energy density of the superluminal shell is 1.21x1028 Joules/31x109 cm3 = 3x1017 Joules/cc.
· When you reach your destination (yes, I know how to stop!), you pull energy out of the superluminal field and, in turn, decelerate down to subluminal speeds. When you are down to about 0.00001c (3km/second), you can power down the shell.

You might be wondering what happens if there is a malfunction in the superluminal shell generator that causes it to power down while you’re in hyperspace; or, your computer system crashes and the information flow stops. Well, it won’t be like on Star Trek where you just drop out of warp and float around. The shell will start to decay and regular space-time will notice that something, with mass, is moving 365 times the speed of light. There will be a very big explosion. You will go off like a nuclear warhead with several million megatons of energy. Your explosion will be so big, that space-time will be ripped and damaged for months. The light from your explosion will be visible to the naked eye several light years away (which might explain why you didn’t show up for dinner 3 years ago).

You may have noticed that your energy needs are insanely high; (½ mv2)/(mc2) = ½ (365c/c)2 equals about 67 thousand times your mass worth of anti-matter. Not even the greys have that kind of energy. There is another way.

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