Monday, March 2, 2009

Faster than Light (FTL) Physics

Before you can travel faster than light, you have to recognize that you, the earth, everything in the universe, are made of particles that occupy some location in space-time. Beginning with simplicity, there is space (up/down, left/right, and front/back) and there is time. One day, Albert Einstein came along and said the speed of light is the same for all observers and from then on, there was space-time. They called it Relativity.

You, everybody you know, your pet Fluffy, everything in the universe exists on the edge of a four dimension wave front with 3 dimensions of space and one of time. If you like calculus, you could integrate the differential sphere of thickness Δt (the present) from the Big Bang, t = 0, to the present and have your 4 dimensional space-time. The time dimension is a (very similar to) a differential of thickness Δt, which is Planck time. The present spans ½ Planck time, into the past and the future. Within this time, known as the present, all particle-waves, all strings, everything exists. Protons, neutrons, electrons, photons, etc., are like violin strings that span the present from ½ Planck time (into the past) to ½ Planck time (into the future). Now don’t get excited, there just isn’t enough time in there to find out what the lottery numbers are and send them back to the present. The present only spans a time of 10-45 seconds or about a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a nanosecond. For anyone who knows about superstring theory, superstrings stick to d-Branes (Dirchelet membranes) the way children hold the jump rope ends. The superstrings, in this case, act like they are in an infinite potential well that holds the ends of the Superstring. All particle-strings in held within space-time this way. If they were not, they might slip off of this space time and end up on some other space time.

Why do we need to know all this stuff about space-time to go FTL (faster than light)? One of the ways to travel faster than light is to use an Alcubierre warp drive. The Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre, worked out the Relativistic details of how to get a spaceship to travel faster than light, inside of warp bubble. Star Trek, the television series, picked up the idea. By expanding space-time behind you, and contracting it in front of you, you will travel, safely within a warp bubble, faster than light speed.

So, you might ask, why don’t we just do that? The answer is: we only know how to warp space using black holes and naked singularities which are not readily available and they can gravitationally suck you inside the event horizon. In addition, you also need exotic particles which are not available. We need to find another way to warp space-time.

Creating Micro-verses
Creating micro-verses is a little bit like creating whole universes with Big Bangs; but with much lower energies; and the radius has to be kept constant and stable. The aliens have them as part of their FTL drive system; it’s like an empty balloon in hyperspace that is waiting to be filled with air. This “air” is really the background energy in free space also known as the cosmological constant, G, Einstein’s Field equations. Albert Einstein ones remarked that adding the cosmological constant was the biggest mistake of his career. He thought that the universe was stable because of a balanced cosmological constant. Of course, our universe has been expanding since the Big Bang. Maybe Einstein was also consulting the aliens.

The idea is, when the micro-verse fills energy, it expands, at the speed of light, into a sphere around the spacecraft. An interesting feature about microverses is that they can be rotated around a mysterious dimension called Zeta, ζ. Consider the following riddle. Two objects physically exist, but not to each other; they pass right through each other and never touch. How is this possible? Zeta is the contact angle. The contact angle for everything in the physical universe, accept for Dark matter and Dark energy, is zero degrees. At 90 and 270 degrees Zeta angular separation, two object, two universes, etc., will pass through each. At 180 degrees, some of the physics pick up a minus sign. At other angles, unpleasant things happen. Go rent the Philadelphia Experiment; this movie was inspired by an accident that occurred involving top secret experimentation by the American government with a captured UFO/flying saucer. Moral of the story: don’t stand too close to a flying saucer when they start up their engines. This brings me to another FTL method. By the way, Zeta is actual two orthogonal (perpendicular) angles ζ1 and ζ2.

The idea is to generate 3 cylindrical micro-verse that spin along ζ1. There is always a “contact” surface volume with the physical universe that acts like friction surface. In typical Newtonian mechanics, an object moves with some velocity and has some mass. In the case, the three contact points don’t move that way. They’re like micro-verse tires. The point of contact is always changing. The friction properties occur as a continuous energy cost of creating contact between the micro-verse and the physical universe, and then removing it again.

ω1=∂ζ/∂t, is a Calculus way of saying that ω is the rate of rotation; micro-verses can be rotated at an energy cost of E = Hω. The micro-verse rotation is linear and unlimited. If you have plenty of power, you can tumble your way to Alpha Centuri in 20 minutes. There are some problems with energy loss as cosmic radiation. But this can be minimized with by creating special harmonic patterns on the surface of the tumbling micro-verses resembling “tread”

The friction point is actually the physical universe’s Planck time region coming into contact with the micro-verse’s surface. There is nothing inside of these micro-verses and time stands still.

On a side note, steady travel must be designed into the system using Control Systems techniques. For whatever reason, if the faster than light travel became unstable, unpredictable tumbling could occur. It is even possible to become lost in the past or the future. But if you do, you won’t be able to change anything in the past or get special information in the future. The reason is that there is not material substance, no particles or strings in the past or the future. You would be floating around in the “nothingness”. If the micro-verse bubble powers down while you’re in the “nothingness”, the material substance of you and your space ship will be damped out in the infinite potential barrier. You, your spaceship, and the information associated with your physical existence in space-time will be lost. Don’t turn off your micro-verse fields.

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