Saturday, February 21, 2009

UFO Technology Introduction

By UFO physics, I am talking about designing starships with FTL (faster than light) capability; ones that can cross huge distances of many light years in significantly shorter time periods of a few days or less. With FTL ability comes the technology to shape space-time. Your spaceship can hover and maneuver without visible means of propulsion. While hovering and high g acceleration are possible with space-time shaping, there are even more advance techs that can significantly violate inertial properties with right angle direction changes and 800 g (800 times the acceleration of gravity) accelerations up to ½ c (half the speed of light) while the passengers experience only the vertical 1 g. I will explain how it can be done.

There are inherent dangers of traveling in outer space including cosmic rays and high velocity debris that can hurt or kill you? I call it the Shroud. It is similar to a force field. It is a mix of technologies that will block light, other electromagnetic radiation, and even high velocity chunks of debris. I will describe the UFO technology that can achieve this.

Do you like floating around in outer space? It gets old after a while. Creating real gravity from gravitons takes too much energy. Spinning your space ship to achieve centripetal forces wastes too much space. I will explain how vertical 1 g gravity can be achieved by utilizing particles call Berberons, which are flip-overs from a neighboring space-time.

When you finally land on another planet, you don’t want some gorilla like alien monster ripping off your door and eating everyone inside. More realistically, many planets that you might land on have high velocity weather patterns that can damage or destroy your ship. I will describe materials that can provide superior tensile strength, and can withstand large temperature extremes without molecular failure.

Did I mention that the power requirements will be staggering? Even fusion power plants, which could be developed now, will not supply the amount of energy you will need to run these systems. Remember, E = mc2; m will be the mass of your starship. Fortunately, there are ways to aggregate large amounts of energy from stars, cosmic rays, and other higher dimensional energy sources.

To explain these technologies, I will be using a combination of Superstring Theory without the Big Bang, single universe restrictions; my own ingenuity; and advice from the Space Aliens, the Grays and others, who have all been enthusiastic in their desire to help accomplish this goal. The Grays, who actually aren’t gray, first visited me when I was about nine years old. There were other visitations, but I will get into that later.

One of the unexpected benefits of pursuing Alien technology was a space-time deconstruct process that pointed the way to Occult (super)natural laws, spirit worlds and hidden dimensions with intelligent life; in some cases, significantly more intelligent than us; the kind that make us like ants, by comparison.

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