Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Physics Poetry

To unlock the secrets of space-time, one must go back to the source of all things. Beyond the particles and space, beyond the paint and the palette, do you see the hand that paints? There is ever the interplay of opposites; abstract realities that add to zero or add to one. For even the Immortals themselves have searched the vastness of multi-space, down to the hidden places where particle-strings slip away unnoticed. Among the grand and cosmic riches of their discoveries are the dusty books of knowledge. There is one book entitled, “The Secrets of Creation, volume number 3”. For as it is written, so the book speaks,
More and more abstract unto the very thoughts of the Infinite Mind, eternal peace and abundant joy, their dance of perfect thoughts; It is in their play that all things are manifest. But as they intermingle, so do they intersect one another, and cast shadows upon the whole of Creation. These shadows are the opposites and contradictions from which the abstracts can exist.

It is these dualities and opposites that add to zero or add to one. As particle and antiparticle will annihilate one another and add to zero; so too, will man and wife come together as one, they will add to one; and so it is for facets of Creation. The paint and palette will complement each other. They come together to create beauty. But Creation is not created until the abstract dualities and opposites begin to dance. They too shall intersect and create the contradictions. And when an abstract that is true for all seasons intermingles with another of a different nature, there emerges the constrained reality and the mystical experience. Both of these forces are part of the whole. But words are but imperfect tools with which to create a conduit to Infinite Mind; see not the scrapes upon the rocks in the babbling brook, but rather bathe in its healing waters, a caring gift from a loving God.

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